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Field Programmable Gate Arrays (FPGAs) for accelerating scientific and data-science codes

Software available on the testbed

Throughout the testbed lifetime we will install a variety of FPGA software and libraries for use by programmers, this page will be updated with details. Typically this software is made available via the module environment, and you should execute source /home/nx08/shared/fpga/ to make these available (or add this to your .bashrc file, more details here).


There are some general modules provided which apply to both Xilinx and Intel technologies

Software Version Notes Module name
common 1.0 Contains utility scripts common_fpga/1.0
ocl-icd 2.2.12 OpenCL ICD loader for emulation under Xilinx and Intel ocl-icd/2.2.12
host_support 0.1 Library for host code support functionality host_support/0.1

Xilinx Vitis

The core Xilinx Vitis toolchain which provides command line (v++) and GUI (vitis, vitis_hls, vivado, vitis_analyzer) tools for application development on the Alveo and Versal. Loading the Vitis module will also automatically set-up the Xilinx OpenCL environment on the front-end node for hardware emulation.

Software Version Notes Module name
Vitis 2020.1 Required for TCP/IP stack vitis/2020.1
Vitis 2020.2 Default vitis/2020.2
Vitis 2021.1   vitis/2021.1
Vitis 2021.2   vitis/2021.2
Vitis 2022.1 Required for programming VCK5000 vitis/2022.1
Software Version Notes Module name
Vitis Library 2021.2 Compatible with previous versions of Vitis vitis_libraries/2021.2
Software Version Notes Module name
XRT 2.11.634 Default xrt/2.11.634
XRT 2.12.447   xrt/2.12.447
XRT 2.13.446   xrt/2.13.446
XRT 2.13.478 Required for VCK5000 xrt/2.13.478

Note: Loading Vitis module will also automatically load GCC 10.2, ocl-icd, host_support, common_fpga, and XRT. The exception is Vitis/2022.1 which will load GCC 7.3 rather than GCC 10.2 due the compatability issues.

Intel Quartus

The Intel Quartus toolchain providesthe Quartus Prime Design Software, along with the high level synthesis (HLS) compiler, the OpenCL framework, and other tools. Loading the quartus module will configure the system to utilise these.

Software Version Notes Module name
Quartus 19.4   module load quartus/19.4
Quartus 20.2   module load quartus/20.2
Quartus 20.4 Default, should be used for Stratix-10 module load quartus/20.4
Software Version Notes Module name
Bittware s10mx Support for Stratix-10 MX bittware/s10mx

Note: Loading Quartus module will also automatically load GCC 10.2, ocl-icd, bittware/s10mx, and common_fpga

Intel OneAPI

OneAPI, from Intel, includes a data parallel programming lanugage, DPC++, that is able to build applications for FPGAs. DPC++ is an implementation of the SYCL framework, and as such can port across a range of computing hardware, including GPUs. It integrates with Quartus tools to create bitstreams for Intel FPGAs, and there is potential to use other versions of SYCL alongside DPC++ to port to Xilinx FPGAs as well. OneAPI DPC++ functionality is accessed through the compiler and dpc modules on the system.

Software Version How to access
DPC++ 2021.1.1 module load compiler/2022.0.2; module load dpl/2021.1.1
DPC++ 2021.1.4 module load compiler/2022.0.2; module load dpl/2021.1.4